Voice Recognition Software

Through a generous grant from the Larson Foundation in Brookings, South Dakota, Assistant Professor Chris Olson (who is a quadriplegic) developed a series of voice-narrated tutorial videos for the CSC-105-D31 (06166) Introduction to Computers course that will be offered online through DSU in the Fall semester of 2014. The course teaches students to create word processing documents, slide show presentations, spreadsheets, databases, and web pages. The grant funds were used to record videos that show how to complete the lessons using Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice recognition software to control the computer without using a keyboard or mouse.

To take the class with voice recognition software, students will need:

  • tuition & fees
  • a PC with Windows 7 or Windows 8
  • required textbook (a 2nd monitor is helpful for those who want to use an eBook)
  • Microsoft Office Professional 2013 (available from DSU for $20)
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12.5 Premium
  • a high quality microphone

The following are encouraged to enroll:

  • men and women with quadriplegia
  • war veterans with disabilities
  • those with neurological disorders that affect upper limb mobility
  • K-12 teachers who deal with mobility issues in the classroom
  • post-secondary instructors and instructional designers concerned with accessibility
  • parents of students with disabilities
  • rehabilitation services counselors
  • anyone who has difficulty using a computer with a traditional keyboard and/or mouse

More information is available by contacting Chris.Olson@dsu.edu.